Friday, 7 December 2012

Pitch Perfect

I've waited months to be able to watch Pitch Perfect, I think it may only just, or will be out in cinemas soon in the UK, but its been out in America for months.

I found the trailer hilarious, and I thought the characters were funny and relatable, so seeing as I no longer know how to sleep, I gave it a watch.
It totally lived up to my expectations, it was funny, dramatic, a liiittle cliche but who doesn't love that. Had a little bit of a mean girls feistiness too it, and not too much glee either.
Its fresh and new and I really love Anna Kendrick!

Another thing, I've wanted to watch the breakfast club for so long, and I've put it off seeing as it was released almost 10 years before I was born, but Pitch Perfect has made me need to watch it. Definitely this Saturday nights movie.

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