Monday, 21 February 2011

Burberry London A/W 2011

I think its freaking amazing, the colours are insane, they're sort of muted dusky versions of red orange and purple, with a bit of check (obviously) thrown in too.
They also had some really really cute white coats, which I would love to chuck over my wedding dress at a winter wedding, I love it.
Some interesting takes on the trench too, little dashes of leather and fur just makes it so beautiful. 
Mens is adorable too, I have the boyf sat next to me, trying to convince him to purchase one, no luck as of yet.
I am very much looking forward to autumn now :)
also, for the finale, all the models had see through plastic jackets over the top of their garments, topshop are selling a similar version right now, not sure on the price but i guarantee it will shoot up once they catch on, so buy one now! they were on the runway a few years ago but never made it to the high street, so I reckon they'll be rather huge, go for it! :)

I watched the Burberry video online at, will post pictures later

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