Thursday, 11 April 2013

Essie Watermelon.

My little sister rang me from town the other day.
‘Hey I’m buying some Essie Nail Varnishes what do you want!?’
I went straight to the website and chose my colours.
Boots had a 2 for 3 offer so I will have 3 posts over the next week on the colours we chose.
However the photos will be of my sisters nails because she has such gorgeous hands.

The first of the colours is Watermelon. It is a really gorgeous colour, definitely a more pink than how I would describe watermelon. The consistency of the Essie varnishes is amazing, considering you have neat nails to begin with. I have very short nails so it’s much harder to apply, but as you can see my sisters are lovely and long and in very good condition. The varnish simply glides on in 2 sweeps as it has a wide brush and it doesn’t require a second coat. I would definitely suggest you head down to your local boots and make the most of this offer!

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