Friday, 4 January 2013

Keep 'em sweet

I'm moving to Italy in 6 days to work as an au-pair to 4 lovely children. Triplet girls aged 7 and a boy aged 8, so in order to keep them sweet in the hopes that they won't run me wild I've bought them some presents.
It's good to get them something from your culture, so I thought Cath Kidston is rather typically British so that was my first stop. Also, the girls love Hello Kitty, which is handy as my name is Kitty, so I went to Claire's Accessories for that!

Even though me and my sister aren't twins, people would always buy is matching stuff. I thought this would be a good idea for the triplets, the same thing, three times over in different patterns.
I'm now struggling to find something for the boy!


  1. Aw its so sweet that you bought them all presents, you should get the boy a mini nerf gun, he would love it ! :) x


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