Friday, 4 January 2013

Angels are real, I swear!

I would like to let you all into the beauty industry's best secret. Actually, I'm not entirely sure how many people know about this, but everybody needs to know. The best product my Mum has ever bought me is this, is has made my life a million times better and I love it. I can't physically live without it.

Angels on Bare Skin is a facial cleanser from Lush, it's jam packed full of natural ingredients that ,
'even out skin tone, reduce redness and improve the health and appearance of your skin giving it a natural healthy glow'.
And it really really does. My skin isn't terrible, I don't have acne, but I do get break-outs. I was getting so down about them, so Mum went into Lush one day and they recommended this. At first I was skeptical, it looks weird, it feels weird, and its not a strawberry scented product either. But after a few weeks use, it all cleared up, I don't get break-outs, I'm not as red. I also had very grey areas of skin from years of wearing make-up and they became healthier, its perfect!

Please please please give it a go. I'm not guaranteeing results because everybody's skin is different. But for my skin which is is combination, generally oily but I have dry patched too, it's perfect. Its a lifesaver, its a miracle cleanser.

But it here or pop into your local Lush store.

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