Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Eww, Facebook annoys the hell out of me.

Everyday it seems i trawl through pictures of people I used to know thinking 'eww, i can see you're arse/boobs/larger than average stomach.' when its unnecessary, there are girls that used to say other people were fatter than themselves, and they are clearly twice the size. And no, i do not want to see you bent over, i dont was to see a seductive look on your face, you my friend, look like a dick.
and then, with it being the brits tonight, because it isnt completely filled with shit pop, and shit r n b, there are some really narrow minded people spamming up my newsfeed with a load of bollocks about arcade fire, and mumford and sons, and im  like, come onnn, who are you!?

oh dearr.

I mean, Mumford and Sons performed with Bob freakin Dylan at the grammy's the other night! How can you not know who they are!?

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