Friday, 15 April 2011

2012/2013 I am taking a gap year.

and I am going travelling.
It costs about 3/4 grand for all the flights and hostels.
and then i heard someone say you need about 2 grand spending, but I think I'll want more.
I want to eat well and I wanna finish in America-Miami/Vegas/LA/NY, therefore, thats a lot of shopping.
Most people I know went for about 3 months.
So, if I go between February and April, or March to May, I can work full time until then to save the spending money, then I've just got about a year and a half to save 4 grand. wow.
Im thinking Europe(Italy)Australia, Asia, Africa and America.

also, I want a Macbook Pro, please.

So who fancies coming travelling with me?

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