Monday, 5 September 2011

Summers Over.

And my lifes about to change.

I have just had what I could nearly say was my best summer ever ( I don't think anything will ever beat 08).
I got a boyfriend and spent a lot of it with him, and with him came a whole new set of friends.
And with these friends came parties and alcohol which always makes a summer.

I went to V Festival with a friend from work, which was absolutely amazing. The sun shone the whole weekend (I even tanned a little bit ;)) I saw some of my favourite artists; You Me At Six, Good Chartlotte, Eminem, Lostprophets to name a few.

Seeing as it is a pop festival I will admit my favourite artists being more rock artists didnt have the best crowd atmosphere, the best crowd atmosphere of the weekend, barring headliners, was definitely Tinie Tempah!
We got on people shoulders so the man himself, even though rather intoxicated, could see us have an amazing time, we met people around us, we even got talking to a girl that works in the Manchester Jack Wills! Of 70,000 people how odd is it we were stood next to another Jack Wills employee!, we joined in mosh pits which tinie approved of, it was just an amazing 45 minutes.

We got insanely drunk with the welsh on our last night and shamelessly don't remember a thing! I know I lost my cardigan and had my bag with £20 in it stolen, but all was well, I'm sure it was a good night. I then spent the journey home throwing up.

Arriving home monday morning I realised I would be leaving in 2 days for Leeds Festival, with the way I was feeling this was mission impossible! I started contemplating selling my ticket.
Boy, am I glad I didn't!

I went with Alex, le boyfriend, and his friends. I had a blast! Thursday the weather was lovely, we were pitched safely and everyone was arriving, we had a bbq and no one came out with food poisoning. Job well done!
Friday, it pissed it down. To be blunt. and put me in a bad mood. I watched Enter Shikari from under a baguette stall because I couldn't bare to stand in the rain anymore, while Alex went and got incredibly muddy in the pits! Then we saw Panic! at the disco which brightened my day because they were just amazing, although it did disappoint me that they didn't play Lying is the most fun.. . To me, thats there best fun, its a kick in the teeth to an ex of mine and listening to it gives me great pleasure.
Saturday, obviously was my best day, my sister came up, MCR were headlining and 30STM were sub-headlining, BMTH played earlier in the day. It was just incredible.

BMTH was mad, I could not stay on my feet, I was crushed and was constantly being sat on and kicked by crowd surfers. But they've been one of my favourite bands for a long time, so it was lovely to finally get the chance to hear them live.
Then I'm going to skip loads and just go to The Offspring, who were amazing, and Alex loved them. But we made friends with this boy his brother and dad, and they were just lovely, it was nice to have people to talk to and to share opinions with, I often wonder how they got on after we split up.
After the Offspring, comes 30STM, which, funnily enough, is where me and Alex met, at a 30STM gig in october, so not only are they one of my favourite bands, it was special for me, for us.We were right at the front, standard, and,because i watch so much footage, we were in prime position for when he jumped into the crowd. He looked at me, and saw me, I was in his presence, I was sweated on by him. They are just an incredible band with incredible music.

My Chemical Romance. My favourite band in the world. I wouldn't be here were it not for them.
And to see them live, for the second time this year. Just fucking wonderful. I can't begin to explain how I was feeling during their performance. To hear Dead! live was brilliant, one of my favourite song.
I just love them, I love them, thats all I can say.

Sunday wasnt much my day for music, so I spent it switching around people, I was proud of myself to not need Alex all the time, we went back to the campsite and Froja cooked noodles and then hotdogs.
Then me and Alex shared the most amazing stonebaked pizza! <3

I could feel myself getting ill so I bought some cold and flu tablets and went back to the arena, where we saw The King Blues, who are a special band for me and Alex, and then the Midnight Beast, who Alex liked a lot, I just enjoyed. Back to the campsite where I felt even more ill and just passed out in my tent. Joined by Alex a few hours later, he said I'd gotten into my sleeping back, in 6 layers of clothes, put his sleeping bag on top, then Fabs blanket and Alex's coat, and when he joined me I was still shivering, so he sat in the cold until I warmed up before taking his sleeping bag back.

We enjoyed a first class trip home, where his mother greeted us with good proper hot chocolate and i eventually made it home to my own bed.

I spent the last weekend of my summer again with him and his friends for his friends 18th, which was lovely and relatively drama free, sadly at some point you have to run out of money and I began to sober up, we went home very early for me, where were just sat and cuddled and talked in our slightly intoxicated state. 
I think its safe to say, publicly here to you, who I am incredibly greatful if you've read this far! that I love him.
He makes me happy and a better person. and I look forward to many more summer autumn winters and springs like this one, with him.

I move into student accommodation today, and start my first day as a second year at college. This is going to be a whole new experience in itself. 

and I'll admit to you, I'm wonderfully scared.

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