Wednesday, 12 October 2011



I've strolled across this website and I'm in love!
I've emailed some of the items across to my mum, with a bit of a wink ;)

I'm not really into cropped tops, but I really like this! I like how its clean lines!
I'm sure my tutor was wearing this today! It's so cute!
My friends really got me into playsuits too!
This is a bit risky...
A necessity with winter coming up, right!
Very vintage looking! The colour is divine! May steal it for my college project...
These were what brought me to the website in the first place! A woman came into Jack Wills with them on the other day, and I fell in love!
If this turns out good quality, it'll be amazing!
A very simple piece that can be built upon or worn alone
Lovely little piece that needs nothing else, its loud enough alone. A right statement piece!
Gothic but cute and glamorous at the same time? Perfect combination!

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