Sunday, 30 December 2012


Back in September I got my very first tattoo. I'd wanted a tattoo for a long time and thought I'd start with something small but meaningful. So I'll start with the story.

At Leeds Festival in August I went to see a band called Apologies, I Have None(the band in my header) on my own because none of my friends had actually heard of them, and they were the first band of the weekend for me.
So I woke up nice and hungover, got myself a cup of tea and walked to the other side of the site to the small alternative stage where they were due to play. There was a maximum of a hundred people in the tent and I managed to easily walk right to the front. 
I was tapping my toe and humming along when a single line stuck out to me.

'The worst mistake to make is to be afraid to make mistakes'
from this song, Sat in Vicky Park

It just really stuck to me and I couldn't get it out of my head. I thought it was so perfect and meant to much to me at that time that it would be an amazing first tattoo.
I believe if I hadn't heard those words at that moment in my life I wouldn't be going to Italy in two weeks, I wouldn't be in recovery, and most certainly wouldn't be with my boyfriend right now.

Here's a picture of my tattoo, the morning I got it the band actually tweeted me, then retweeted the picture once it was done, which was so cool! They're such nice guys.
This is a picture from the day I got it which explains why its so swollen and red but its the clearest.
These are the only pictures I can find where you can see it healed, so excuse my drunken self, but hey, we all like a drink!
I'm not going to lie and say it didn't hurt like most people do, because it bloody well did, but I would definitely get another, its not going to kill you, its not the worst pain you've ever experienced, so I see no reason not to get inked!

My dress in the last two pictures is from Miss Selfridge.

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