Saturday, 5 January 2013

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is my babe. I love him. He somehow seems to know exactly what women want. Well he knows what I want at least. So this year for Christmas I got a Michael Kors watch. 
Originally I said to my Mum, you choose, get me any, simply because there was too much choice and I loved them all. Then she got stuck, the one she wanted to get me was selling out everywhere and she wanted me to see it. So we were in Meadowhall and I went to see it, Goldsmiths didn't have it in stock but I tried on the silver version. I tried them all on to be honest. I came to the conclusion that the most important thing to me was the size. I wanted it big and chunky, and I found one that I loved. However the one Mum had chosen for me was slightly smaller and had diamante on it. It took me so long to decide, we went into 6 different shops in 2 different cities so that I could try them on, when I eventually decided I wanted this one thanks to the help of the lovely man in GoldSmiths Nottingham.

From the beginning I wanted it to be Rose Gold, I just think its such a gorgeous classic colour. As the choosing process went on I decided I wanted it to have a rose gold face too, which was probably the deciding factor.

I apologize for my festival wristbands, my Mum hates them and begs me to cut them off, but I just cant, for years I've had to take them off for school and various sporting activities, and now I finally don't have to and I want to keep them!


  1. this looks gorgeous, it's not as pink in real life as it looks in the photos on the website. thanks for directing me here! :) x

    1. yes definitely! thats quite alright, I hope you don't struggle too much in choosing :)


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