Tuesday, 9 April 2013

OOTD 08.04.2013

Yesterday was actually a very productive day for me, anyone who knows me will know that that is extremely rare. I took my sister to her first ever job interview, giving her tips and calming her down, I chilled in Cafe Nero with a pot of tea (only 1.90 and i got at least 3 cups out of it!) and Vogue Magazine. Twenty minutes later she was back and beaming. It went excellent, it was so nice to her so positive and happy. Shortly after she arrive my BlackBerry rang with an unknown number, I answered it and it was Topshop! I went to a group interview last thursday and they were ringing to invite to the next stage of one to one interviews! Yay! So excited, it will be amazing to be back working again, and Topshop would just be incredible. All my wages will go back into the company, but then again, that was the same at Jack Wills, oh well.

After I dropped her at the bus stop and left to meet my friends for a late lunch/early dinner, with a stop at Zara first. I made a wish list of stuff I need buy once I've got money coming in. I will share these with you later this week!
I had a really amazing catch up with my girls, we ended up getting starters mains and pudding in Slug and Lettuce, meaning we were in there for about 4 hours, oops!

Here are some picture of my outfit this day!

T-Shirt-Topshop Skirt-H&M Jacket-Mango

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