Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Graze Box

 Today I received my first Graze Box. I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow so I was so excited when I saw it. I couldnt wait to get into it but I resisted long enough to take a few snaps to show you guys.

Along with the food you get a little booklet talking about the Graze team as well as a smaller booklet on what you've received. 

In this booklet there's all the nutritional values of what you have.
In my first (and free!) Graze box I got

Summer Berry FlapJack, El Picante, Healthy Popping Corn, Billionaires Shortbread.

I could not decide for the life of me what to eat first, so I went by what expires first. (yes that information is included too.) The billionaires shortbread expires soonest, still two weeks away however, so this is what I chose.

To say it was yummy is an understatement, and you know whats the best thing, I know its super healthy! It's fresh and good for me and tastes so good!
I've signed up for weekly graze boxes so I'll keep you updated as I go!

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