Monday, 14 March 2011

My Good Deed For The Day, and a new house.

Yay. They live up to their reputation, they're so comfy, well worth the moneyy, aaaand a little kid in Africa gets a pair too! When summer is within reach, I'll get some Natural ones. :)

As I live with my sister and her fiance, they move, I move, and they've just bought their first proper house, it's in Farndon, and is very cute. The area's adorable, and the house itself is fairly large! My room will be big, massive compared to the fact that I'm currently sleeping on a futon in their living of their 1 bed apartment -_-
But yes, I am looking forward to it, I need to check out buses, and how I'm gonna get around, but the sun is shining, I'm finally happy, and life, is finally looking up. :)
this is my new room :)

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