Monday, 8 August 2011

I had a revelation whilst away...

I am happy.
I love my parents and they love me.
I'm supported, life really isn't that bad.

I do believe the world is a terrible place.
We had some English television in Cyprus, so I saw the Tottenham riots on SkyNews.
I genuinely thought it was pictures from like Libya, or some other politically imbalanced country.
Not England, not London. and really for no reason.
Just to cause trouble.
Teenagers, are terrible these days.
I can sit here and say we're not all the same and that you shouldn't tar us all with the same brush, but when hundreds of my peers are storming into the streets to cause trouble of this size, because they're bored, to make themselves feel hard, who's going to believe me? No one cares. I just have to work twice as hard to prove I am not like these youths. 
To think this is what I have come back to. Joy.

At least I came back to The September Issue of Vogue sat waiting on my doorstep <3

I also have incredible amounts of college work to get done.
But little and often and I shall be fine.

I discovered a new love whilst in Cyprus.


It is a beautiful clothing company where I can purchase basics, staple garments to mix and match in my wardrobe.
In cyprus I bought a lovely camel coloured jacket, and even wore it home in antcipation of the terrible English weather.
I was right to. The horrible feeling of damp and cold as I stepped of the plane was enough to send Mary Poppins into a depression.
But I was wearing my jacket, and that made it all worth while.

I have to work a lot this week, then its my sisters wedding reception in Sleaford this weekend. Fun fun.
I am also house hunting, there are lots of rooms in Lincoln ready for me to rent, I just need to find time to visit them and choose one!
Really all I ask is that its a fairly small house, with a decent sized room with en suite as close to the high street as possible.
Whereas I intended on losing weight on holiday, I appear to have gained, a fair amount too.
So I am on a massive healthy eating, healthy living hype now.
I am going to run everyday(?) and eat as healthily as possible, little and often seems to do the trick for me.
And once I am settled in my house in Lincoln I am joining a gym.

Its time to get my life back on track.

And I think I'm ready for it.

Wish me luck!
Kitty, x

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