Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Test run.

I'm going to do a test run for everything now.
No more impulse decisions.
Everything will be thought through and practiced.
I've made way too many mistakes over the past year.
Things that are still tripping me up now.

For example. Pennies are short these days, so I was planning on bottle dying my hair, I even bought the hair dye.
But, as many will know, this could go disastrously wrong.
So I've taken 3cm x 3cm section of hair from the back of my head, and I'm doing a test run.
If all goes well, not a hint of yellow nor orange, then I will dye the lot.

With more serious issues, I'm looking for a place to stay during the next college year, and to prevent future upset, I am going to visit various house shares and take my time and lots of thought into which one.

I was lying in bed last night, around 1am-ish, I had just gotten off the phone to my boyfriend.
I noticed how big i was smiling, I already knew how much he made me happy, that was obvious,
but I'm not gonna lie, I've been having my doubts.
I've been worried that we rushed into this.
That too much of my past is gonna catch up on us and ruin this.
He's my best friend.
I believe, that he's my soul mate.
I'm terrified of ruining this.

But whilst in bed last night, I realised that my current situation is perfect.
and I need to stop worrying about the future.
I will see him today for the first time in weeks, it will be lovely and I will miss him when he leaves.
Then I will see him thursday too, then again next week, then most of the following week.
And it will be great. So why am I worrying about what could possibly happen in a couple months time.
I just need to let myself be happy for now.

Oh my parents and my sister both got married whilst we were away.
I will post a few pictures later.

Kitty, xx

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