Wednesday, 7 September 2011

NPS Shoes Ltd

I know a lot of people get bored of me banging on about Jack Wills,
But to be honest, I get insanely bored of people down talking it.
It is actually a really good company, with a lot of heart.

We had staff training tonight, which was just introducing new products and updating our knowledge.
Some of you may know that we have been selling brogues for a while now, however, most of you will have just seen the hefty price tag and moved on by.
But if you actually took the time to try on a pair and feel the craftsmanship in them, and gave us the chance to talk to about the product, the history, the company, you'd understand why they are the price they are.
Jack Wills don't actually make the shoes, a company called NPS Shoes Ltd do, they are made in Britain by people just like you, your parents, your siblings, your aunt and uncles. 
If you pop into one of our stores you will be able to watch a video and see first hand what I'm talking about.
Each shoe is handled over 200 time and has up to 12 different processes involved. There isn't a robot making your shoes, it's a real person, there's a story behind it, so much care and effort put into that one shoe of yours.

I promise you they will last you years, they will be the most comfortable shoe you own, and are so in fashion its imperative you own a pair, so why not make it a pair of Jack Wills/NPS Shoes, I honestly don't believe you'll regret it. 

Here's a link to the Jack Wills website, it includes the video I was talking about earlier.

I also really really really really really want this!

My winter wont be the same without this beauty! <3

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