Sunday, 11 September 2011

This day terrifies me.

I don't like to think that someone could purposely cause that much destruction, death, damage.
All the pain, the heartache, the fear.
But that's the point isn't it?
 I do not, and will never, understand their reasoning behind it, but they wanted to prove their point in and unforgettable way. 
They wanted to scare us, the government, the military, into backing down, and doing things their way. But then again, I don't understand what 'their way' is. I don't think I want to. Because it scares me. It scares me that someone thought the only way to get their point across was to kill 3000 people and leave the rest of the world in shock, in fear, and in disbelief. 
I believe we should count the number of dead as 2,977, as opposed to the original number of 2,996, because that number includes the hijackers, and they should play no part in being remembered. 

10 years on, people are still afraid to fly, and some to even go about their everyday lives. Most of the world will be spending today in fear of another attack. There are incredible amounts of scaremongering around, but the fact of the matter is, it is highly likely that someone will choose today to get their name remembered. 

It may be a long shot, and coming from the innocent mind of a teenager of this society, but, I just hope that this will be over soon, no more wars, no more innocent lives lost, I hope to never go to another funeral of a soldier/marine/officer who has been killed. I hope to never have to bare witness to another terrorist attack again, but if we are not this lucky, I hope that I will never fall victim, nor anyone I know fall victim to this incredible act of extremism. 

In about an hour we will be approaching the the time the first plane hit.
The world will fall silent and will begin to remember where they were when they first heard, what they were doing, who they were with, what they were watching when it was abruptly interrupted to inform of the chaos going on. 
I know I remember, do you?

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