Thursday, 24 May 2012

Visiting The Past.

Yesterday I woke in a terrible mood. But went to bed in an amazing mood.
I came back from college, chilled in the sun on my roof until me and my house mates all cooked dinner together.  I was in desperate need of social interaction, so this cheered me up so much. I watched a bit of TV, did a little work, and I received a text from Heather saying she was going to Tesco in half an hour if I wanted to join. I said yes. I was in the mood for baking. However, we went to a really small Tesco that had barely anything. Baking a cake from scratch wasn't going to be an option today. So I bought a Betty Crocker Brownie Mix, I've had this before and know it's yummy so I thought I'd find something I could add to it. I got some cooking chocolate to melt and spread on the top and two Flake bars to sprinkle. It all went smoothly and in about 45 minutes the Brownies were done. I wanted to the chocolate to properly set though, so nobody has touched it yet!! Whilst waiting for the chocolate to set, I went to join my house mates and one of our other friends, Steve, in Phoebes room where they were all just chilling. 
Phoebe is a Dance major at Uni, a past time I personally miss so so much. She had a pair of ballet shoes on her floor and I enquired as to whether she has pointe shoes here in Lincoln. And she did. Unfortunately, they were a size 2 and half. Ouch! But I put them on nonetheless. Just my toes were in but the ribbons kept my foot in place. It has been years since I have stood en pointe so I was gentle, took it slow. My ankles/feet/legs are so weak these days I didn't want to push and end up with a breakage straight away. 
I can't even describe to you the feeling that rushed through me when I stood up onto pointe. It made me want my own shoes that fit perfectly so I can prance around and be happy! 
The temptation to buy a pair is a little too much.
Me and Phoebe have decided to go to a ballet class next week, for old times sake. hah.

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