Sunday, 7 October 2012


The nights are drawing in, the temperatures dropping and its time to put the leggings and tights away for the winter.
As I've gotten older it has become more acceptable and more fashionable for a woman to wear trousers.
Tailored trousers show authority and power. 
So I won't be shying away this winter.

I saw this American Apparel swimsuit on a girl in Pandora's Box a fair few months ago now and have wanted it ever since. Now I've finally tracked it down I've been struggling to come up with something else to wear it with.
Heres a compilation of some of my current autumn favourites to mix and match.

(LEFT TO RIGHT:Swimsuit/Leotard-American Apparel £38, Blue Jacket- H&M  £30, Boots,-River Island  £45, Leather Trousers-H&M  £25, Lace Dress-Topshop  £36 (BARGAIN) Printed Trousers-H&M  £35)

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