Thursday, 27 September 2012

If I hear One Direction one more time..

I'm not going to lie, their music is catchy, they are all very good looking boys, and are quite clearly very talented.
I am, very jealous of them, they're my age, have massive success, probably aren't in the UK right now, and I'm sat in bed, listening to Radio 1, putting off getting ready for work. At my normal job. In my normal life.

However, their fame is so annoying. 

They are everywhere.

On the radio

On clothing!

and now

this is a big one

They have their own UGG boots.

Just look at this.
I can't actually believe it.

The thing is though, people will buy them, you can buy them from 'Between the Flags' an Australian surf store, where they have tons of other One Direction gear too! These bad boys are $98.99 AUD, I know idea what that is in GBP but its still a lot of money considering the One Direction fanbase consists of 9-15 year olds who will be digging into Mummy and Daddys pocket for these!
At least they have released them just in time for Christmas. They are only available for pre-order right now.

You know, just in case anyone wanted a pair.

Simon Cowell tweeted this morning that he'd heard most of the boys' new album and it is 'fantastic'. I am sure.

Hope you all stick to your guns and never ever ever go anywhere near these!

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