Sunday, 20 May 2012

Foundation Revelation.

Okay, so the point of this long over due post is, I change my mind on foundations all the time.
I bought a new one whilst in Paris and I was totally in love with it. That was, until, it made me break out. -_-

Like really really bad, I get spots, but I don't get full on face full of spots like this. Luckily, my Mother is a make up artist and she came to the rescue. 
She told me to trust her, so I did. She bought me this face wash from lush which would help clear up my spots and then gave me this. 

Its a pure mineral foundation. My first thoughts were that it wouldnt be a heavy enough coverage for me, it wouldn't eliminate and dark patchy areas, this is something I would normally have put OVER my liquid foundation.  But she said to trust her so I did. She also gave me the bareMinerals primer to assist. 
So this is me with no make up on, and no primer on. Just skin.

I have very grey dull skin with patchy red areas, not really a pretty sight. 
This is me after using the Primer AND the mineral foundation. 

It is such a good coverage. I also have no concealer on here. I think the picture show it best, I couldn't tell you how it works but it does, and it is SO much better for your skin, it lets it breathe doesnt clog your pores, its a miracle worker, and this along with the lush 'Angels on Bare Skin' cleanser has made my skin clear up no end.
Finally, this is me with Macs Blush creme (their old shade of lady blush) a touch of Mally Mascara and Revlon lipstick.

Everyone honestly needs to give it a go. Go to one of their stands, usually in House of Fraser or somewhere similar, get them to test it on you before buying, but for daytime it is absolutely perfect.
For night time, I stick to trusty old Mac Liquid foundation.

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