Sunday, 13 January 2013

Primark S/S 2013

Primark S/S 2013

Primark have revealed their S/S 2013 collection and there are definitely some must buys!
I really hate rummaging through Primark so having these items in mind will make it easier to just go in, find what I want and leave. I can't tell you why, but I love these shoes, they're and edgier version of the classic court shoe. I've always been a sucker for tailored trousers but wearing them with these cropped lace top make them younger and more suitable for day-wear. I'm now going to have to ask the girl I know who works there when this line drops so I'm prepared with (my mums) credit card in hand!


  1. Ho La La the coat, so nice !! Can't wait to see the spring collections to hit the stores <3

  2. Such pretty things. I love the color blush. I really wish there was a Primark in the US...

    xoxo, Taylyn.
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