Monday, 13 February 2012

This is something I did in college a long time ago now, I was going through a pretty rough time, and we had to do an illustration that represents us. I struggled and changed so much. 
And ended up with this, never thought much of it and I think I got a terrible grade to be honest, but I'm sorting out my portfolio for interview and came across it again.
Looking at it separate from how I was back then, I really like it.
I'm older now, I've always hoped that I'm really not that materialistic, or vain, and I'm sure I'm not, but this illustration proves that when I was going through a tough time and it felt like I had nothing, I went back to my looks. But not just looks, the fact that make up allows me to change and alter who I am. A simple lipstick change changes the mood to a whole outfit.
So really, even though I felt awful, under all the make up I looked up, and I was just a down right dreary person at that time, by painting my cheeks blush, my eyes bright and lips plump, everything would be okay, because no one would know what's going on underneath.

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